Travel Diary: Gatlinburg

Hey, Y’all! Gosh, this week has been (apple)solutely amazing! My besties and I took a girls trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite things that we got to do. I’ve been to Gatlinburg quite a few times, but it’s so awesome that I got the opportunity to go with two of my very best friends!


Hiking: Rainbow Falls

This was actually my very first hiking experience and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. At first, we had planned on hiking Ramsey Cascades, but the adorable black bears decided they wanted to take over instead. I couldn’t be more thankful though because it took us 5 hours and 8 miles to hike. After what seemed like an eternity there was a breathtaking 80-foot waterfall cascading over beautiful rocks waiting for us at the top of the trail.

Mini-Golf: Fort Fun

We had planned to play indoor backlight mini-golf but we thought to get our money’s worth we would play 18 holes outside instead. The course was set back on a hill which showed off the pretty views of Gatlinburg nightlife. Fort Fun was a good in-between course to go to. We looked at going to Ripley’s Davy Crockett and Hillbilly Golf, but since we’ve been shopping all day we decided to save a few bucks.

Shopping: Tanger Outlets

Who doesn’t love a good shopping day? With school starting back in a few weeks I had to do a little back to school shopping. There were so many great deals at all the stores we went to. One of my favorites was deals came from Banana Republic. I thought the total was going to be $70, which that was amazing for all the things I had bought, but with the friends and family discount and my student discount, it ended up being $30! That definitely gave me with a retail-shopping high.

Distance Attraction: Biltmore Estate

It’s crazy to think this was my first trip to Biltmore but I definitely was not disappointed. When can I move in? First, we took some beautiful pictures in the sunflower fields by the winery and I just wanted to sing “Pocket Full Of Sunshine” the entire time. After visiting the magnificent house, we ventured into the gardens where the flowers were all in full bloom. Last but surely not least, we headed out to do a little wine tasting (YUM). I can’t wait to go back around Christmas time!


Texas Roadhouse

After a long day of traveling, we decided to head downtown, commonly known as The Strip, to grab a bite to eat. Texas Roadhouse never disappoints with their soft buttery rolls and salty peanuts.

Mellow Mushroom

Pizza!! We hadn’t planned on going to a sit-down restaurant because we had been hiking all day, but we decided to throw on some yoga pants and sweatshirts to eat some scrumptious pizza. I would definitely recommend ordering the garlic parmesan pretzels (my fav!) It’s located above the Ole Smokey Moonshine Distillery, which is a great spot for listening to live music.

Cherokee Grill

If you’re in the mood to dress up and eat delicious steak then the Cherokee Grill is the place to go! Plus you get free parking with your meal, which is great because the parking in Gatlinburg can be quite a headache.

Mad Dogs Creamery and Donuts

Donuts donuts donuts! Who doesn’t love to wake up to warm delicious donuts? If I could eat them for every day I would. Mad Dogs is the perfect spot to go grab a few homemade delights. If you have a big crew they offer a HUGE donut called The Big Daddy, which looks like a size of a basketball. Enjoy!


Mountain Loft Resort

We had the cutest little cabin/cottage for the week. Upon arrival the front desk was very helpful with everything we needed along with extra parking passes. We wanted to bake cookies in our full-size kitchen, but were left without a baking pan, so we called the front desk and they sent one up right away. This resort has three different pools, so if you want to relax I would recommend going to one of the smaller tucked away pools or the hot tub, which is amazing after a long day of hiking. This resort is also only about a 5-7 minute drive to the strip, which is great so you can have some peace and quite.

take a look at a few of our good times!

IMG_8648at the top of rainbow falls!

IMG_8656IMG_8682Apple Barn (couldn’t actually pick apples, so we pretended to)


Amazing sunflower fields! Minus the bees! :/


At the Biltmore Estate (loved the horses– they’re my fav.)

IMG_8664Our adorable homestead for the week!

Hope y’all enjoyed this post!


Cassie 🙂

3 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Gatlinburg

  1. You are an inspiriation for all young women out there to let them see the beauty and freedom of life exploring the journey that a blessed young single woman can have and persevere her future !! Go getum Girl !!!


  2. Wow! Looks like you and your besties had a great trip to Gatlinburg! Your post makes me want to plan a girls trip there!


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