Two-Piece Set


Hey y’all, what a beautiful week we’ve had here in Kentucky! Spring is by far my favorite season. Blooming trees, colorful tulips, and bottomless margaritas. What’s not to love?! Oh yeah, the bees, finals, and allergies. Although I love the warm spring air, I’m still waiting for someone to pinch me because last week was ridiculously cold. I went from wearing a Barbour jacket to this adorable two-piece set because Kentucky weather is forever changing and somewhat comical. But I can’t complain, this 80-degree weather has been absolutely wonderful and I give all the glory to Him. This two-piece is one of my current obsessions. I love this trend because two-piece sets can be styled so many different ways and the pattern-on-pattern trend kind of reminds me of the good ole 90’s. This particular two-piece set has so many beautiful shades of blue and is quite comfortable, which makes it perfect for those hot summer days that are quickly approaching. Get it while you can and have a wonderful Wednesday!



Where to buy: TopSkirtShoesPhone CaseWatchEarringsLips

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