Makeup Review

Hey y’all, welcome back! I am super excited to share something that I have been wanting to do for a while which is creating a video! At first, I thought, how hard can this actually be? The answer is VERY. I first recorded the video on my MacBook because I thought it would be decent quality but in actuality, it was very grainy and dark. So I decided to use my camera with a makeshift camera stand (two tote bags, creative right?) After I finished filming, it was time to edit which ended up taking 3 days and 2 failed software installations to finally get it right. This made me question whether I have bad luck or if I’m just technologically challenged (we’ll go with bad luck). There were times when I wanted to throw my computer against a wall but when it was all said and done I was very proud of myself and with the final outcome of my video. Please take the time to watch and give it a ‘thumbs up’ if you would like to see more 🙂 I really hope you all enjoy it!

P.S. I am sorry about my camera not focusing, this is a learning process each and every day 🙂

The foundations: Tarte and Giorgio Armani Sephora is having a sale with code BINOTE

The finished product: Primer: Cover FX concealer: MAC, Powder: Mac NC40, Eyeshadow: Naked 3, Mascara: Buxom, Setting Powder: Cover FX,  Bronzer/ Blush: NARS, Lips: Buxom


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